April:  Rachel Philipson  has large photos in all the rooms at restaurant.         Somewhat abstract,  her impressions in mostly black and white, with some color…very serene


May: Mary Shelley  607 272 5700   maryshelley.com another local artist working with wood; Mary has been at the Ithaca Farmers Market on Saturdays forever, working away at her whimsical, colorful and very popular art,  always a treat she rules the month of May

June: Sue Hertz   shertz@novaspeech.com    large oil paintings; Sue paints very local landscapes, a lot of waterfalls,  and people. She covers the walls in June.

July: Monroe Payne   photography  monroe@monroepaynephotography.com
Lots of black and white photos of all sorts of subjects; portraits of people too.

August: Diana Ozolins    diana@ozolins.com  Diana paints beautiful, large colorful landscapes in oil

September: Patty Porter  returns after selling 3 or 4 works of art 2 yrs ago
very colorful, very local  plporter4@gmail.com  www.pattyporter.com

October: Beth  Aten  beth @bethaten.com  Stitched textiles

November: Shariek   shariek2@gmail.com   Shariek makes handmade paper right here in Ithaca.  He is experimenting with herbs and local flowers; his turmeric paper is fabulous.   He’s going to colloberate with his artist friends to do this show !

December: Daniel McFeeters returns with his mandalas  and dreamscapes    sculpetedimage.com